Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time to baby proof!

In the last couple days Jaxon's mobility has increased tremendously.  We no longer can set him down on the floor to play and expect to find him in the same position 10 seconds later.  We haven't fully mastered crawling but we can scoot all over the floor.  He uses his feet and arm underneath him to push off.  It is almost an army man crawl.  We had just mastered sitting independently and now he's ready for bigger and better things.  I'm not so sure mom and dad are ready for that just yet.  There is A LOT of baby proofing that needs to be done before he has free rein of the house.  It is so hard to believe that my little boy is 6 months old already and sitting by himself and about to be crawling.  Where has the time gone?

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