Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Well Jaxon received his first good bruise this evening. He's had bumps before, I mean this child is active. He's bump his head on the bed, toys, etc. When that happens there's a red mark that goes away in 20-30 mins. Usually no crying either. Tonight however, we had not just a red mark. We had tears, red mark, knot, and now bruise! : )

He was playing on the floor with Brett's mom and kept reaching for the coffee table. He finally made his way over close enough where he could pull up onto his knees. He played for a while banging on the table and tried grabbing things. The problem came when he was getting back onto the floor. He pushed himself back away from the table and fell forward when reaching for the floor. In the process he hit his face on the edge of the table, leaving behind a nice little bruise. Surprisingly he didn't cry for too long. We went into the kitchen and put a cold teething toy on it while he watched the dogs out the window.

My heart broke when it happened but I was super proud of my little man. He's so tough!

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