Thursday, June 30, 2011

4 Months Old

Today Jaxon had his 4 month check up with Dr. Sullivan.  He did a great job and cooperated with the nurse while she was getting his weight and length; smiled and talked to the Dr. when she came in.  He now weighs 12 lbs 14 oz which is in the 14%, and is 25 inches which is in the 57%.  Then it came time for the dreaded shots.  He cried for just a few minutes and then took his binky and all was good.

Dr. Sullivan also told us that we could start introducing cereal and food.  After the doctor appointment we had to run by Target to get a few things so while we were there I picked up some stage 1 baby foods. Tonight at dinner we tried sweet potatoes. I think he would have eaten the whole jar if I had let him.  He loved the sweet potatoes!!  I hope he likes the other veggies and fruits as much as he liked the sweet potatoes.

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