Saturday, March 19, 2011


We came home on Thursday and Saturday had to take Jaxon to the pediatrician for a check up.  He had a little bit of jaundice when we left the hospital and the doctor wanted us to have it checked to make sure it wasn't getting too high.  His bilirubin levels had gone up quite a bit and he was looking like a pumpkin so we went back on Sunday for another check.  Thankfully by Sunday his bilirubin levels had started to decrease and his weight was coming back up after loosing a full pound from delivery. 

First trip to the doctor

Saturday he also got to meet one of his great grandmothers and some of his cousins.  My Memaw came down with my cousin Tria and her 2 girls.  We spent the day at mom and dad's and introduced Jaxon to his relatives.

 Memaw and Jaxon

 Memaw, Ashlyn, and Jaxon

Jaxon with cousin Tria

He met his other great grandma at the hospital when he was 1 day old.

Nana and Jaxon

He is surrounded by family who loves and adores him.  What a precious gift that is.

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